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B2B Lead Generation: Increasing leads 296% by analyzing Web traffic

Is your Web traffic also a sales lead? Your website is most likely getting hits from PPC campaigns, email marketing efforts and natural search traffic. Can you shift those visitors from the "traffic" category directly into the "leads" category? The answer likely depends on several factors that are unique to your business, but here is an option to consider.

In this article, we take a look at a website lead generation tool that helps you gain more data about your website traffic. An ideal way to use such a tool is to tie this new knowledge into something you already know. For example, connecting inbound traffic info about your visitors with information you already have in your database.

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The Price Tag of the Anonymous Buyer Analyzing The Revenue Opportunity Many BtoB Companies Are Missing By Failing To Identify & Connect With Anonymous Web Visitors

For the first time, the impact of anonymous website tracking on B2B lead generation has been assessed. Some of the key findings in this report are staggering:

  • More than 40% of BtoB buyers start their research anonymously on the web

  • The volume of leads from the web will increase from 58% to 71% by 2015

  • Only 1% to 2% of website visitors who are responding to a digitally delivered message share Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • In excess of 20% of the pipeline for BtoB organizations is at risk

  • Best of breed visitor tracking products can return 10% to 20% more profit opportunity

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NetFactor Adds CRM Connectivity With Latest Version Of VisitorTrack (5/25/2012) by Andrew Gaffney

NetFactor Corp. unveiled new integration capabilities of VisitorTrack to feed leads and contacts for anonymous web site visitors directly into (CRM). VisitorTrack is a cloud-based software for BtoB lead generation, designed to act as a Caller ID for a web site. The enhanced VisitorTrack features are designed to advance the capabilities of tracking, identifying and managing active web visitors.

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VisitorTrack® Creates New Leads and Contacts in Salesforce for Anonymous Website Visitors (5/20/2012)

VisitorTrack now provides seamless integration of new companies and contact record details for anonymous business Visitors to a website directly into world’s leading CRM platform.

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'Caller ID' for Your Website by John Arnold

New technologies let you target prospects with an engaged-marketing response-- 

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Converting Web Traffic Into Sales Leads (12/1/2009)

Q: How can we convert our website traffic into more sales leads?

A: Even online, we are a society of window shoppers. On average, a measly 3 percent of visitors to a company's website make a purchase or fork over contact information....

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netFactor Launches Newest VisitorTrack: B2B Platform Advances Marketing to Anonymous Website Visitors (11/18/2009)

netFactor Corporation has launched the newest version of VisitorTrack, introducing the most advanced capabilities available for tracking and marketing to the anonymous business visitors to a website. VisitorTrack is a SaaS software for B2B lead generation that’s “Like Caller ID for a Website.”

With this release, VisitorTrack integrates considerable features for B2B sales and marketing into a single web-based toolset:

> VisitorTrack’s Business Profile yields a rich view of the Companies visiting a website; Name, Address, Website, Revenues, Employees, Industry, Website Visit information.

> A “Recommendation Engine” works with a user’s stored preferences in real-time to provide the best matching business contacts and their details to include name, title, email address and phone.

> New management features enable this business information to be easily exported into other sales tools and marketing applications such as email, telesales, CRM, and direct response.

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More Effective Website Visitor Tracking and Management of B2B Search Engine Marketing (09/26/07)

netFactor, the leading provider of website visitor tracking technology for the business-to-business market, has announced a number of features newly introduced toVisitorTrack® - it's "Caller ID for a Website" product for Internet lead generation. Clients now have added search and reporting capabilities unavailable in any other web tracking product. These include the ability to leverage the new Google Adwords IP Blocking features, in addition to other expanded Visitor reporting options.

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Web Analytics World - Manoj Jasra Talks About VisitorTrack (07/20/07)

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to test drive a product called VisitorTrack - developed by NetFactor. VisitorTrack is a lead management tool geared towards sales/marketing professionals. Once installed on your website, VisitorTrack has the ability to track visitors on your website and correlate them back to their organization (flagging visitors from fortune 4000 companies), address, phone, referring search engine/keyword and the number of pages they viewed. Furthermore VisitorTrack integrates with Jigsaw data so you can pinpoint executives from the companies who visited your website. VisitorTrack is very useful for B2B companies who are looking for more qualified leads in their sales process.

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Stratigent and netFactor Partner to Add Powerful Lead Generation Features to Web Analytics (06/19/07)

Stratigent, the global leader in web analytics consulting has added VisitorTrack® to its suite of leading web analytics applications. Working just like "Caller ID for a Website," VisitorTrack® automatically converts invisible website visitor 'clicks' into actionable B2B sales leads -- without any Visitor registration action.

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DMNews - netFactor’s VisitorTrack identifies site visitors for BTB clients (10/09/06) by Cara Wood

Marketing services provider netFactor is aiming to get greater value from search pay-per-click with its latest version of VisitorTrack, a tool for business-to-business Internet marketing and sales intelligence.

...The data collected offers marketers a variety of possibilities.

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BtoB Hands-On: Search / Search Marketing Best Practices, Tools and Events  (07/19/06)

Enhanced technology offers window into keyword strategy

The VisitorTrack technology, which netFactor likens to "caller ID for Web sites," automatically captures details on business visitors to a Web site without requiring registration. It also pinpoints things like when a specific company visits a Web site, how many pages they view per session, and keeps track of when they return to the site. Web analytics providers supply deep intelligence into Web traffic and user behavior, but Jeffers said VisitorTrack drills down on a far more granular level.

He offers an analogy: Web analytics companies.. are like traffic helicopters flying over the city, reporting traffic jams and travel patterns. "It's powerful information from a Web marketer's and a Webmaster's perspective. We're not interested in aggregates and pods of traffic," Jeffers said. "We're down on the street level. We're interested in telling marketers who's driving the cars."

Jeffers noted that that the vast majority of site visitor—"99 out of 100"—do not identify themselves. "That's the pain point this technology is looking to address," he said.

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netFactor Corporate Announcement (07/17/06)

netFactor Partners with Jigsaw Data Corporation Providing Customers with Up-to-Date, Real-Time Business Contact Information on Web Site Visitors

LITTLETON, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2006--netFactor, an innovator in the evolution of Web leads technology and search engine marketing services for the business-to-business market, announced today its partnership with Jigsaw Data Corporation, the online global marketplace for buying and trading business contact information. With the inclusion of Jigsaw's business contact information, VisitorTrack® users will have real-time access to Web site visitor contact information without requiring Web site registration.

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netFactor Corporate Announcement  (07/17/06)

Like `Caller-ID' for Your Web Site, netFactor Turns Web Site Traffic into Immediate Sales Leads

LITTLETON, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2006-- netFactor's VisitorTrack(R) Enables Users to Drive New Efficiencies from Internet Marketing by Identifying Who, How and When Business Users Visit a Company's Web Site netFactor, an innovator in the evolution of Web leads technology and search engine marketing services for the business-to-business market, announced today the latest release of its patent-pending VisitorTrack technology designed specifically to generate immediate sales from Web site traffic. VisitorTrack automatically captures details on business visitors without requiring Web site registration, identifying who, how and when an online user visited a company's Web site.

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DIRECT Magazine (04/06) "FEEDING THE BEAST"  By Ruth P. Stevens

Feature article reviewing VisitorTrack, the latest in B2B Lead Generation. (Excerpt) Identifying anonymous Web site visitors The Web site is essentially a passive medium. Even if you are successful using search engine marketing to motivate clickthroughs, you've accomplished barely more than awareness building. Some studies have shown that as little as 2% of Web site visitors ever become real prospects. The marketer's challenge is to figure out how to motivate visitors to leave behind their contact information so communications can continue. The standard technique has been to make an offer — like a downloadable white paper or case study — in exchange for registration data. But now, a new way to uncover the anonymous nature of B-to-B Web site visits has emerged: matching data to the visitor's company domain name. Plexis Healthcare Systems, a provider of insurance claim management software, is using a service called VisitorTrack for this purpose.

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