Today, the clear majority of marketers cite lead quality as a top priority in b2b lead generation.  According to the State of Lead Generation 2016 Report from Ascend2, 77% of marketers have pinpointed improving lead quality as a focus, but 53% also cite improving lead quality as the biggest barrier to success.  And another 37% cite their most significant barrier as converting website visitors to sales leads.  Below are 3 easy steps you can take to give your b2b lead generation strategy a boost by improving your lead quality and increasing website conversions.

Step 1: Understand the Buyer Journey

VisitorTrack delivers the most relevant details you need about your anonymous B2B website visitors to succeed in your prospecting efforts. In real-time, VisitorTrack will show you when the visitor came to your site, which page(s) the visitor looked at, and the length of time spent on each page.  These visit details are historically compiled, giving you deeper insight into your buyer behavior. What better way to begin to understand your buyers’ needs, than to have the ability to actually see the exact buyer journey.

Step 2:  Trigger Technology Delivers Real-Time Notifications on Top Prospects

After you pinpoint the buyer behaviors that indicate sales readiness, you are ready to take advantage of VisitorTrack’s Trigger Technology.  VisitorTrack’s Trigger Technology allows you to send automated, real-time alerts to your sales team so you to connect with your hottest prospects both quickly and effectively. Triggers can be customized based on each rep’s sales responsibilities.  Triggers can also be set up to send instant email alerts when campaigns or marketing driven behaviors take place. So, in addition to knowing when it is the ideal time to reach out to a prospect, you will also have key insights into where the prospect is in the buying cycle and what their needs are based on the web visit history.

Step 3: Convert Your Business Visitors into Sales Leads

Trigger Technology provides your sales team with all the company information: Address, Phone numbers, Industry, Revenue, etc. Even more importantly, the Triggers give you the ability to look up the target buyer profiles and save the contact information for your most relevant contacts at those visiting companies.  Once you save your targeted contacts, you can forward those sales leads to your team for follow up. With VisitorTrack, you have the option to make this step even easier by integrating the saved VisitorTrack contacts into your CRM, Marketing Automation or Email platforms.

These are just a few of the ways that you can leverage the power of VisitorTrack to improve the quality of b2b sales leads that you pass along to your teams for sales and marketing action.  If you liked these tips, check out our resource library and other blog posts to learn more about how anonymous web visitor data can help you gain actionable information to improve your b2b lead generation strategies.

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3 Steps to Improve B2B Lead Quality

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