4 Tactics for Marketers to Help in the Delight Phase of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

In yesterday’s blog, we covered some statistics about why the delight stage is so important for retaining customers and growing them into fans of your products.  In this blog post, we will cover tactics for delighting and retaining your B2B Buyers.  So what can marketers do to have impact in the delight stage? Here are several ideas:

1. Create website content that is specific to people who are already using your product

While a lot of the content that lives on your site will be created to bring people in and make them aware of your product, creating content dedicated to those who are already using your product or service will keep them engaged and informed into the future. Examples of content in this category are tutorials and instructional videos, announcements about new features, or use cases that explain how one might leverage your product or service in a new way. Make sure that when they come to your website, there are pages that are meant to appeal to someone already immersed in your product, rather than just baseline informational pages.

2. Follow Up with Converters

If you’ve already been nurturing your prospects throughout their sales cycle, there’s no reason to stop nurturing them after they’ve closed. Using your data from your marketing efforts, you can easily send out customizable messages that feature in-depth content geared toward your user base, questions about their experiences with the products, offers that engage them further with your brand, or anything else that will let them know you still care about them. An easy way to get the information needed to do this – and to gain information for the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey, too – is to use a program that gives you actionable information about the people who are visiting your website. VisitorTrack enables you to differentiate between clients visiting your website and prospects. You can use this feature to monitor and track specific client behaviors in terms of how they respond to and engage with your website content post-conversion. Leveraging this data to continue your nurture relationship post-conversion is a great way to show that you’re still paying attention to your buyers.

3. Monitor social media

This is a big piece of the delight and customer retention phase of marketing, particularly in the social media-influenced age. Social media is one of the easiest ways to interact with a customer, whether they are expressing dissatisfaction or are advocating for your brand already. Even a short daily check-in to monitor the discussion of your brand will give you valuable insight as a marketer. It may even show you new pain points to address in future marketing efforts.

4. Ask questions

Surveys are a simple way to keep your customers engaged after they’ve close, while also gathering valuable, actionable data about your product and company as a whole. One of the most basic surveys you can send is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, wherein you ask “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” and have respondents answer on a scale from 0-10. This simple survey lets you see how many of your respondents are promoters of your brand and how many are detractors. The survey can be enhanced by adding an open-ended response section, to allow for more specific explanations of pain points or existing issues with your product or service. Marketers are more than able to take part in this practice of delighting customers, and should feel empowered to use their customer knowledge to add value to the brand’s interactions with those who have bought into the product or service. For more information about marketers’ roles throughout the buyer’s journey, check out our blogs about optimizing your website for the awareness stage, lead nurturing, and making sure your prospects know your value during the comparison phase.

Tactics for Delighting and Retaining B2B Buyers

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Blog