Amplifying Your CRM with VisitorTrack’s B2B Web Visitors

When it comes to business to business sales, even if a marketer doesn’t use a specific CRM program, customer relationship management is essential to growing a company’s customer base. Whether one uses social media as a primary management tool, or uses a dedicated CRM tool, keeping up with prospects is something that takes a lot of energy for a marketing department. CRM programs are designed to take on some of the heavy research and streamline the information, and many programs do that well. VisitorTrack, though, is a way to make those powerful CRM programs even better, by letting users leverage tracking intelligence on B2B web visitors.

Quick Reminder: What is CRM program?

Just in case you don’t use one, or need a refresher, a CRM system is any platform that allows a company to manage their business relationships in an easy way. This means it might pull all of the customer data into simple forms, allow users to make comments about their contact with a customer, or even record phone calls between sales people and the prospects they reach out to. CRM is a fundamentally important part of marketing mixes today, as companies are relying on managing and reaching out to as many of their leads as they can.

VisitorTrack + CRM = Invaluable Knowledge

CRM is important, and there are a lot of good CRM platforms out there. But something that is missing from them is anonymous website visitor tracking. CRM platforms typically have the ability to automatically pull in the information from a web form completion and create a lead so that it’s ready for sales and marketing to take action. However, the vast majority of web visitors never complete, or even start, a form. This means you are likely missing out on some of the most valuable sales leads you could possibly get because CRM platforms do not track and identify the anonymous business visitors to your website. At best, they track prospects which you already know exist and they have previously received some type of email communication in the past which enables you to track their ongoing activity. Tracking known prospects does have a lot of value. But imagine how much more value you could add if you were able to pinpoint and track all of the unknown, high-value prospects.

VisitorTrack’s proprietary web visitor tracking technology allows your sales team to view and act on leads that would not ordinarily show up in your CRM – the ones who have not yet completed a form. You have full control over what actually makes it into the CRM based on where they are visiting from, how long they spent interacting with your website, and other considerations.

How does VisitorTrack work with a CRM?

Not every web visitor is a lead. Not every lead is at a buying stage worthy of direct sales interaction. And you don’t need or want everything to go into your CRM cluttering it with junk. VisitorTrack has all the right filters and tools in place to help keep your CRM clean and your sales team focused on the hottest prospects.

VisitorTrack identifies the company of the business visitor, provides detailed geographic and firmographic data on the company, and identifies the pages visited. Once the anonymous business visitor meets your criteria for number of site visits, page views, or other combination of behaviors that indicate buyer readiness, you can then look up and access contact information for employees within that company. While you often have access to a sizeable list of employees, you can select only the contacts with titles matching your target buyer(s) which is key to keeping your sales team focused. Once you have selected and saved the most relevant contacts, the VisitorTrack integration application will enable your CRM to pull in those contacts so they are ready for sales follow up. It’s a simple process that will make your lead generation all the more valuable, which will give you a greater chance of converting those leads into buyers.

The program speaks for itself, so if you’re interested in amplifying the information you get from your current CRM, learn more about VisitorTrack integration with a leading CRM, or start a free trial and start seeing results from web visitor tracking!

Amplifying Your CRM with VisitorTrack

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Blog