Customer RetentionThe Delight stage of the buyer’s journey is easy to overlook for marketers. Because marketing has so much to do with attracting and converting leads, sometime the follow-up process falls by the wayside, or is passed onto the plates of the sales and customer service representatives within an organization.

But consider these statistics:

Your current customers represent a big investment of time and energy, and will be difficult to replace if they leave for any reason. Delighting customers helps decrease the likelihood that your customers will leave, particularly for reasons of poor customer service or unaddressed problems.

Delighting a current customer is just as much a part of the marketing team’s responsibility as it is the customer service representatives’, and in many cases, marketers are more than well-equipped to take part in the delight stage. Marketers are entrenched in the customer’s persona – their likes and dislikes, pain points, business goals – who better to follow up with them and keep them engaged?

If you have brought your customer through the first 3 phases of the buyer’s journey, it is your responsibility to follow up with them and make sure that they continue to be happy with your service.

Now that we’ve established the importance of the delighting your buyers, want to know how you can take part in ensuring their continued good experiences with your company? Visit the blog tomorrow for the continuation of this post, which will introduce 4 techniques for marketers to participate in the delight phase. In the meantime, check out the rest of our series on the B2B buyer’s journey, with our posts about optimizing your website, lead nurturing, and ensuring your content is ready to be compared to competitors.

Delighting and Retaining: Keeping Your Customers Engaged After They Close

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Blog