Sales is a highly competitive field and top performers constantly seek out new ways to maintain their edge.  Most seasoned sales pros will tell you it’s all about building the relationship.  While that’s very true, research has shown that it is also about being the first one in the door when there is a buying opportunity.  Seasoned sales pros often benefit from leveraging previous relationships to gain insight on potential new opportunities and get introductions that open doors.  But if you’re new to the sales game, or if you don’t have the right contacts for every opportunity, you don’t have to be left out in the cold.

Let’s explore a specific use case on how to leverage VisitorTrack and news events for B2B lead generation.  While the example for this use case scenario is specific to automotive manufacturing, the actual use case is valid across most types of manufacturing and other industries as well.

On April 19th, 2017, a press release was published on AP News with the headline, “OshKosh Corp. Secures $258M Army Order for Trucks, Trailers.

Most salespeople don’t make a habit of perusing the latest PR headlines. But, if you are actively prospecting and looking ways to generate new business opportunities, it’s a good idea to follow your key business targets on twitter or LinkedIn and scan for relevant headlines.  Businesses will always promote and share their own news releases through social media sites.  In this use case, if you are a salesperson working for a company that manufactures auto parts, or steel, and you see the news headline posted above, you might see this as a great selling opportunity.  If only you had the name and contact information for the contacts in charge of procuring the parts and materials.

This is where VisitorTrack comes in.  With VisitorTrack, a salesperson can look up the OshKosh Corporation in the database to see the key company details and then search for contacts who work at OshKosh.  In this case, we assume that the salesperson knows their target audience and knows which job titles to search for.  The contact search results deliver the names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers for the key decision makers that are most likely involved with procuring parts, materials and other supplies that would be needed to build trucks and trailers.  Now, the salesperson is armed with a list of prospects complete with contact information.  This gives the sales person all the information they need to begin the prospecting process.

In tandem with the selling efforts, marketing teams play an important role in helping the sales team gain traction with very specific targets.  Our next post will continue to explore this use case scenario, but will detail how marketers can use VisitorTrack to support the sales efforts and warm up the leads.

Stay tuned to learn more about how anonymous web visitor data can help you gain actionable information to improve your b2b lead generation strategies.

Up Your Sales Game: How to Leverage VisitorTrack and News Events for B2B Lead Generation.

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