NetFactor announces the integration of Bombora’s Company Surge® inside of VisitorTrack!

This powerful combination is the first-ever commercial B2B product offering to integrate real-time anonymous website visitor identification with intent data.  Other solutions that provide this level of prospect intelligence have largely been cost prohibitive to the small and mid-sized markets — Until now.  VisitorTrack’s unique and affordable predictive marketing solution uncovers active B2B demand and is designed specifically for the SMB market.

VisitorTrack leads the market for anonymous website visitor identification, and now, the Company Surge feature unveils the topics related to that company’s products those website visitors have actively been researching across the web.

Understanding The Science of Predictive Marketing and Intent Data?

Company Surge pinpoints your B2B web visitors who are most-likely to be in-market for your products and services.

Bombora actively monitors the content-consumption of millions of B2B companies across nearly 5,000 different business topics. Over one billion consumption events per day are tracked across Bombora’s digital network. The data about web users’ content consumption or ‘observed behavior’ is collected to provide insight about their interests.  The data is then organized into company profiles and quantified as a surge score.

A surge occurs when an organization demonstrates an identifiable pattern of elevated content consumption around specific topics, compared to its historical baseline.  When a surge occurs, this is interpreted as a signal indicating the likely ‘intent’ to take action.  A surge score, in addition to website page view details, unveils which companies are most likely to purchase, driving qualified demand through the funnel.

Company Surge in VisitorTrack shows you the topics related to your products your website visitors have been researching — before getting to your site.

  • Pinpoint key business visitors for marketing and sales outreach.
  • Discover which companies are in the most active buying cycles for your products or services.
  • Customize engagement with the knowledge of which companies are interested in what topics.
  • Prioritize marketing and sales efforts around companies demonstrating the highest demand.

Company Surge predictive marketing technology is now included as a beta feature with all VisitorTrack accounts — including the free trial!

The Biggest Predictive Marketing Innovation Yet – Now in VisitorTrack!

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Blog