b2b-IP-tracker-for-conversionsAccording to a recent research study, conducted in partnership with VisitorTrack and Ascend2, more than half of marketers – 53% — reported that lead-to-customer conversions are the top challenge they face. Naturally, the next two challenges that follow closely behind are improving lead data quality and then increasing lead quantity.  Not surprisingly, marketers are challenged to improve the quality of their B2B leads because that is a key driver in lead-to-customer conversions.  Rather than increasing the quantity of leads, hoping that sheer volume will uncover more of the quality leads, strategic marketers are leveraging the power of a B2B IP tracker to increase conversions.  Keep reading to learn three easy ways to increase conversions and how using an IP tracker can support those efforts.

Step 1: Identify Pages That Support the Buying Decision

Identify the pages on your website that support the traditional buying process. Your pitch video, about us page, value proposition pages, and testimonials all support buying decisions and were once part of the traditional selling process. Identifying these high value pages that relate to your sales process will help you focus in on the most important digital buying signals. The opportunity to identify and connect with the visitors to these pages before they engage with a competitive company is crucial to your success!

Step 2: Understand Page Visit Behavior

When a visitor moves through your site and looks at pages that are designed to move them through the buyer journey, take notice of their behavior! Visits to these pages indicate that a prospective client has engaged in the buying process and is researching the offerings of your company (and probably your competitors’ offerings as well). For example, a pricing page visit can be a strong indicator that a prospect is starting to seriously think about buying. You will find that many prospects land on your website and go immediately to your pricing section. These prospects might be interested, but they’re likely still in their initial information gathering stage. On the other hand, a prospect who signed up for a demo or actively tried your product, and then visits your pricing page is probably ready to buy.

Step 3: Go Beyond Using an IP Tracker to Learn Who Is Visiting Before They Hit “Submit”

Your best leads are already visiting your website – you just don’t know it until they complete a form. An IP address tracker can tell you who is visiting your website, but it does not supply any additional intelligence or contact records that you can leverage to increase conversions. By contrast, anonymous website visitor tracking technology takes IP tracking several steps further to show you which businesses are visiting your website, the pages they have viewed, and even the amount of time they have spent on your website – without any registration action.

VisitorTrack, for example, can uncover, verify and validate more business leads hiding in your website traffic using highly sophisticated Web Sleuth™ Technology. VisitorTrack identifies your top business prospects based on the pages they have visited and other digital behaviors that may indicate sales readiness.  It then empowers you to connect with your target buyers earlier in the buying cycle by synchronizing records from multiple databases to deliver deeply comprehensive business and contact records for those prospects.

Simply put, anonymous website visitor tracking delivers multiple layers of intelligence to help you generate more prospect opportunities from the website traffic you already have. In the end, you’ll get a far greater conversion boost from using intelligence provided through anonymous website visitor tracking than a simple IP tracker.

Learn more about how VisitorTrack can help you turn your real-time website visitor intelligence identify and connect with interested prospects at the top of the funnel for the most-effective B2B lead generation and lead-to-customer-conversions. You can even take it for a test drive with a 14-day free trial.

*Access the Research Report:  B2B Lead Generation to Increase Conversions

Leverage the Power of a B2B IP Tracker to Overcome the Conversion Challenge

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