Integrate VisitorTrack with Sales and Marketing Apps

If you’re a marketer who is already using a CRM, you may be wondering what the benefit of using a program like VisitorTrack is. You already act on the B2B leads that come in through form fills on your website, and your CRM keeps your leads and contact information organized, so do you really need to gain insight about your anonymous visitors?

Yes, you do.  There’s a popular statistic from Forrester Research that states win rates can be upwards of 74% when you are first to the deal.  It’s not just being first, in and of itself, that increases win rates – It’s what being first affords you the ability to do.  When you’re first in the door, you have the opportunity to shape the buyer’s vision towards a solution.  And to do that successfully, you must be the first one to really understand the buyer’s needs and challenges, and then define how you can take the buyers vision and turn that into a clear path to value.

What better way to begin to understand your buyers’ needs, than to have the ability to actually see the exact buyer journey — what they are looking at on your website, for how long, how frequently and, most importantly, in real-time.  Better yet, once you have the insight on your prospective buyers, you can integrate the most valuable sales leads into your CRM for immediate follow-up by your sales and marketing teams.

Luckily for you, integrating VisitorTrack with an existing CRM is easy, and it’s an effective way to make your B2B website leads more actionable and to gain leads without needing a form fill.

To find out how easy this process is, here are the 3 simple steps to VisitorTrack and CRM integration:


1. Start your free trial of VisitorTrack

We offer a no-hassle demo trial of the program so you can get an understanding of its powerful capabilities before purchasing.


2. Use Zapier to set up the automated task of creating saved VisitorTrack contacts in your CRM of choice

Zapier is an automation application that allows users to manage and automate tasks between multiple web apps. In Zapier, a task is called a “zap,” and is simple to create. You’ll simply create a “zap” that adds your saved VisitorTrack contacts to your preferred CRM. You have the option to select from a pre-built zap, or you can create your own from scratch.


3. Enjoy the benefits of having actionable information about your website visitors automatically added to your CRM

Synchronizing contacts between VisitorTrack and a CRM application allows you to get your best B2B website prospects to your sales team quickly and easily. They will be able to follow up faster and get in touch with leads earlier in their buyer’s journey. This gives your sales team the chance to provide valuable information to your leads and shape their vision for a solution that ultimately drives the buyer towards your product.

To find out more about how VisitorTrack integrates with CRM programs, check out our guides, or simply begin your free trial today to start gaining actionable leads immediately!

Why Should I Integrate VisitorTrack with my CRM?

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Blog