Who Uses VisitorTrack?

Sales teams, marketers, C-level executives, agencies, and everything in between

VisitorTrack is a powerful tool that allows B2B marketing and B2B sales people to see who is visiting their website without requiring a form completion. It has been used in marketing and sales departments spanning many industries, including:

  • Information Technology and Software Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • And many more

Any B2B company focused on selling products and services can use VisitorTrack as a means to generate more prospect opportunities when qualified buyers are still early in the sales cycle, learn more about the audience coming to the website, and use data to drive key marketing and sales decisions. Take a look below to see how VisitorTrack can enhance your sales and marketing teams.

B2B Sales Teams

Business to business sales professional use VisitorTrack to get in early on their sales opportunities – even before the prospect is ready to fill out a form or request more information.

While your competition relies on form submissions and prospects explicitly expressing interest, your sales team can check into your website activity, see who is visiting, what pages interest them and gauge your prospective buyers’ intent signals – all while VisitorTrack compiles contact and company information. The sales team is then prepared to have a meaningful and informative conversation with the prospect, and has an easier time providing the most relevant information to them.

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B2B Marketing Teams

B2B marketers can use VisitorTrack to enhance their research, demand generation and prospecting efforts. VisitorTrack’s real-time data about the anonymous website visitors give marketers an advantage in finding out the audience of their product. They can also use the data provided to influence and shape their future decisions regarding marketing campaigns, targeting efforts, content development, and audience engagement, thus allowing them to market more intelligently.

We also have agency partnerships for marketing professionals in agency settings, so they can use VisitorTrack to provide stronger data and results to their clients. The clients appreciate being able to see who is interacting with their websites, and the agency partners are able to manage and shape their plans around VisitorTrack’s data.

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