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VisitorTrack FAQs

What is VisitorTrack

VisitorTrack is a comprehensive listing of visitors to an individual or collection of web pages (website). VisitorTrack utilizes a proprietary technology to collect data from internet browsers and match this with key business information about each visiting organization. VisitorTrack data and reporting are available through online web access, email notifications, automated reports and API.

Who Should Use VisitorTrack?

VisitorTrack is appropriate for companies who’s target customers represent mid-sized to enterprise businesses.  The information VisitorTrack yields is useable for Sales, Marketing, and Communications within business organizations.

VisitorTrack helps to identify many “kinds” of organizations and businesses who are viewing your site’s pages, to include:

  • New Prospects researching your products and services during a web visit
  • Current Prospects who may already be in your selling cycle
  • Current Customers
  • Competitors researching your products or services and pricing
  • Partners or potential Partners who may be business development targets
  • Press, Media and Analysts collecting information
  • Vendors with whom you may already be doing business, or are researching your company
  • Investors (existing or new ones) evaluating your business
  • Your own company’s Employees who like to see what is going on at the site 
  • Career-seekers checking out your organization
  • Recruiters who are looking at job opportunities

Know that VisitorTrack has a special feature called Tags which will let you label these kinds of Visitors for management of various categories.

What is VisitorTrack Used For?

VisitorTrack  can be used in many ways. It is a powerful tool that provides detailed data about organizations visiting a specific or collection of web pages.   Some applications and information sources include:

Lead Generation
Perhaps the most powerful aspect of VisitorTrack is as a lead generation mechanism for sales and direct marketing.  First, consider that VisitorTrack provides information about active customer prospects – these are self-selecting individuals who have sought information about your products and services, and have elected to visit one or more web pages.  The visitor organization is identified, and the actual Visitor is monitored “behaviorally” to determine their level of interest.  The more pages they view, the more time they spend, the higher the interest. And, the search term uncovers their product interest.  Now sales and marketing resources can be applied to penetrate the organization, locate the probable buyers, and engage with them.

Additional product configurations can also provide up-to-date information from Zoominfo, custom configured to the client’s requirements. You can get the exact executives and contacts you sell to. This information can be forwarded as leads to your Sales & Marketing teams.  Now instead of “cold-calling”, sales efforts can be directed towards organizations and specific individuals actively searching for specific products and services, and already exposed to those offered by your company.  Please ask us about additional VisitorTrack product configurations.

On-Line  Registration (white papers, etc.)
Many organizations use methods of on-line email registration to secure contact names.  Offers may include Free “white papers”, or other valuable content.  In today’s world of spam, most executives are reluctant to provide such information.  VisitorTrack can afford greater distribution and reach by replacing current registration methods.  You can identify the companies seeking specific materials without requiring information that fewer decision-makers are willing to provide. 

VisitorTrack allows your business to identify and gauge the level of interest of prospective customers you are working with.  Companies are identified who may have been previously called upon, or are in a current sales cycle. 

Current Clients 
VisitorTrack also captures data on current customers visiting your site or log-in page.  This information can also be used to evaluate customers NOT visiting a site, or log-in page. 

You will see your competitors visiting your site.  VisitorTrack provides a few features to help with this. “Tags” are tags that can be added – use the push pin button when you see a competitor visiting, and label them.  They’ll then always be tagged.  In addition, the IP Address displayed for them has a link.  This lets you block the display of ppc ads in Google.  (See Tags, Google AdWords Blocking)

Marketing Measurement
VisitorTrack provides a whole new method for measuring online marketing initiatives.  With accuracy, VisitorTrack identifies the volume of hits to web pages used in online direct response campaigns, and pairs these with actionable lead data.  landing Page URL’s display the actual web pages your Visitors arrive to. Over time, this information can be used as a valuable database from which precision marketing efforts can be directed in the future.

Information about media hits to a site is obtained and can be valuable to Communications/PR teams.  Advance awareness of media and news organizations obtaining information about you is valuable, and allows responsive actions that allow for follow-up appropriate to an inquiry.

Equally, VisitorTrack can yield information about visiting analyst companies that can be referred to Investor Relations and Communications.

Banking and venture capital company visitation is recorded, and can be sent to responsible Investment Relations personnel.   Corresponding information about key contacts within visiting firms can also be provided, and serves as a valuable tool for companies actively pursuing additional financing.

How Does VisitorTrack Work?

Each time a visitor enters your website, valuable data can be captured.  Within your site’s web pages we provide a proprietary tracking code that collects and transmits this data to our servers. Some of the originating data sources include information embedded within the Visitor’s browsers, IP address information, and additional intelligence collected from a single web tracking “cookie.” This is valuable information for business organizations if it can be researched and put to use.  VisitorTrack both automates the collection and formatting of this data into actionable business intelligence.  Every viable hit to your website is captured in real time. The data are processed through many differing sequences to filter out unusable information, and are then combined with behavioral tracking and advanced algorithms to produce a vivid picture of individual business visitors to the site.

Is VisitorTrack Appropriate to Use?

Yes. VisitorTrack does not create any interruptive processes with the Visitor’s computer or browser (such as annoying pop-ups).  Rather, VisitorTrack relies upon unobtrusive code placed within each web page to record the visiting IP address.  This process is invisible to the visitor, is completely legal, and the information is never resold or shared with any other entity other than the client.  The technology in VisitorTrack uses the same kind of web tracking methodologies as does and Google. netFactor reviews the usage of VisitorTrack to ensure the practical applications of the information adhere to common and fair marketing practices. 

B2B Intent Data and Company Surge® FAQs

What is Company Surge®?

Company Surge®, from Bombora, aggregates the content consumption activity of millions of B2B organizations and informs you when target organizations are indicating active demand for your products or services. VisitorTrack integrates this intent data from Bombora, our parent company. 

How Can Company Surge® Data Help Your Business?

  • Prioritize key accounts for marketing and sales outreach

  • Discover companies in active buying cycles for your products or services that were not on your target account list

  • Customize engagement with the knowledge of which companies are interested in what topics

  • Identify which office locations are demonstrating demand to focus marketing and sales efforts

What Does It Mean If a Company is Surging?

A surge is when an organization Bombora monitors in its ecosystem demonstrates an identifiable pattern of elevated content consumption compared to its historical baseline.

The factors that identify a surge include topic consumption velocity, unique user velocity by topic, interaction types, and topic relevancy and strength of density.

Companies are considered surging when they have shown a statistically significant increase in consumption of a topic compared to their baseline activity.

What is a Company Surge® Score?

Surge Scores range from 0-100. Companies with scores of 60 or more on a given topic are considered surging on that topic as they have shown a statistically significant increase in consumption of that topic compared to their baseline activity. Companies with scores of 40-60 have a similar amount of consumption on a given topic compared to their historical baseline and companies with scores of 40 or below have shown a decrease in consumption compared to their historical baseline. VisitorTrack will display those topics for Companies that are surging with a score of 60 or greater.

How Are Company Surge® Data Collected by Bombora?

Domain and location are derived from a combination of data from our B2B co-op and other sources such as business card databases, first-party registration forms and login pages. When B2B research is done across our data co-op of over 4,000 publisher sites, the IP address of the person consuming the content is sent to Bombora via a pixel. The IP address contains information about the location of the device that’s used to consume the content. By using third-party partners, IP addresses can be matched with company domains and location on the zip+4 level. Bombora aggregates individual consumption events (over a billion events per day) in addition to our external sources to determine surge by company domain and location, and analyze how those activities compare to historical baselines.

How is Content Associated with the Company Surge® topics in the Bombora Taxonomy?

Bombora actively monitors 4,000+ B2B topics in our taxonomy. When a topic is added to the taxonomy, i.e. cloud security, we use machine learning to train our data science models using hundreds of relevant content pieces that focus on a topic, and to identify the context and patterns associated with that topic. When content is consumed across our co-op, the URL of the page is sent to us via a pixel. Bombora’s technology scans the page and scores the relevance and density (i.e. is the topic the focus of the content piece or mentioned briefly) of the content against our topics. Beyond simply scanning for keywords, it also considers the greater context of the page (i.e content about Facebook is also associated with social media). It then associates the content piece to all the appropriate topic(s).

VisitorTrack Free Trial FAQs

How Does the Free Trial Work

You will receive a full-feature VisitorTrack product for 14 days. This trial period begins when you have completed the Start Trial form.  We will not collect any credit card and your trial is provided with no obligations. Just a few questions about your company, a password, and you’re set to go. We’re sure once you see the detail behind your website’s anonymous business Visitors, you’ll recognize the power and value of this technology to drive business results.

What's Included with the Trial?

There are many features which come with VisitorTrack.  We want you to be able to experience them in reference to you own website traffic during the trial.

Reports – build your own custom reports based on the anonymous business visitors coming to your site.

Contacts – you’ll receive complete contact record details.  Simply define your key contact preferences (like VP and Directors in Finance) and the recommendation engine will provide complete details from over 100 million business contacts using the Zoom Information database. You get names, titles, phone and email addresses.  Plus you get full search contacts access.

Full Access Record – this is a real value. VisitorTrack provides the relevant contacts at the companies who visit your website. We call this a Full Access Record.  Get name, title, email, phone and more. During the Trial you will receive up to 250 Full Access Records.

Alerts –  set custom “Trigger Alerts” for high-value web visitors.  You can use any number of criteria – such as geography, company size, or employees – and receive instant email alerts for these web visitors.

Automate- once you set alerts and reports, these can be automated for delivery to one, or more users.

Do We Need to Provide Payment Up Front?

Not at all.  We offer a variety of VisitorTrack plans to fit your budget, your website traffic levels, and number of users.   Just like other popular sales and marketing tools, our minimum term is one year. But you may pay monthly by credit card.  We do not bill any other fees.

How Do I Get Started?

In Just a Few Minutes You Can Get Started

  • Complete the Start Trial web form
  • You can then log in to your account
  • You’ll be provided with a web tracking code
  • Just like Google Analytics, paste this into your website pages
  • Establish your Contact Settings to get detailed contact records

I'd Like Some Help

We’re here to help you. Simply shoot us an email to, or give us a call at 720-489-5534 (we’re located in the Denver Technology Center and will be happy to tell you what’s going on in the fantastic place we live and work!) We can assist you in learning more about VisitorTrack, and how to fine tune the features for your organization.

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