Guides and Essentials for VisitorTrack B2B Website Visitor Identification


Learn more about why anonymous web visitor tracking is key to generating high-value prospect opportunties and how VisitorTrack integrates with other sales and marketing applications.

Drive better results from your B2B marketing and sales efforts.

We have guides to explain how VisitorTrack integrates and amplifies the abilities of other marketing and sales applications and platforms. Introducing VisitorTrack to existing CRM, Marketing Automation or Email Marketing platforms helps to deliver more qualified B2B prospects.

Our guides also discuss other B2B marketing essentials, such as the B2B buyer’s journey, and why seeing anonymous website visitors is crucial to capturing the most engaged B2B prospects visiting your website. Click on any of the guides below to learn more!

The BtoB Buyer Journey

Understanding the buyer journey can help you engage prospects earlier in the buying cycle.

Understanding Online Buying Signals

Learning to read your prospects’ digital body language can help shorten the sales cycle.

Ditch the Forms — Keep the Data

Learn to generate more B2B prospect opportunities without the forms.

What Do You Gain — Or Lose — By Gating Your Content?

Learn how you can capture more B2B qualified prospects from ungated content with VisitorTrack.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B Lead Generation to Increase Conversions

Read this report to learn which B2B lead generation strategies are most effective at converting leads into paying customers.

5 Essentials: Why Anonymous Web Visitor Tracking is a Necessity

The ability to identify who’s visiting your site has become a key advantage to gaining a competitive edge in the B2B marketplace.

VisitorTrack Integration for Salesforce

How anonymous visitor details add value to salesforce automation systems.

Knowledge Base

VisitorTrack Resource Library

Client Success Stories

Read how VisitorTrack clients have achieved ROI results for sales and marketing initiatives.


For more information on our solutions, check out the FAQs for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Use Cases

Learn how VisitorTrack can help you based on your functional areas in B2B Sales or Marketing.

Explainer Video

Watch the one-minute explainer video about VisitorTrack to see how it’s like Caller ID for your website®.

Blog Articles

Check out our documentation on anonymous website visitor tracking, IP intelligence, B2B Intent data and more.

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