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VisitorTrack Integration with Marketo

Marketo Users Don’t Know What They Can’t See

Integrating netFactor anonymous visitor data with Marketo fills the blind spot


Modern Marketing in a Fast-Paced Climate

Marketing professionals in enterprises of all sizes are realizing they can’t keep up with the pace of today’s business climate without using marketing automation technology. As their businesses grow, marketers must keep up with the sales team’s increasing demand for qualified prospects. Prospective customers are savvier and have direct access to product and services information without letting potential vendors know they are interested.

Targeted buyers no longer use vendor outreach campaigns (emails and advertisement) as their principle source of identifying and accessing product information. Between establishing and maintaining dialogues with potential customers, measuring the efficacy of marketing programs, and generating the qualified prospects demanded from sales, marketers simply cannot meet the demands of today’s digital world without the use of marketing automation technologies.

What does Marketing Automation do?

Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) – such as Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, and others – are intended to be “one-stop” integrated technologies to address the needs of today’s digital marketers. These platforms are the “Swiss Army knife” for the overworked enterprise marketer.

Like Swiss Army knives, each of these alternatives does the basics – e.g., email campaign management, web visitor analytics, integration with sales automation tools, as well as one other common characteristic: each has been designed from the perspective of a “snail mail” direct marketer.

The fundamental assumption used by MAPs is the marketer has the contact information of the individuals they are trying to reach and can identify the persons visiting their website. In the days when the vendor controlled the flow of product information – the days before the web – this was a reasonable assumption. But in a world where B2B buyers have virtually open access to the information they need and 95% of these B2B web visitors don’t self-identify, not having the capability to identify the invisible web visitors is a major blind spot in every MAP.

To be fair, most MAP vendors claim limited ability to identify anonymous web visitors. But even in those instances where a MAP professes to have the ability to identify anonymous website visitors the data provided is often incomplete or erroneous. This can then create more issues for the digital marketer than it solves.

To go back to the earlier metaphor, this limited capability to deal with anonymous visitor data is akin to the screwdriver in a Swiss Army knife. The capability exists but it has very limited utility value and certainly isn’t a practical solution to doing production work.

The VisitorTrack Advantage

Through proprietary technology, VisitorTrack identifies the company of the visitor, provides detailed firmographic data on the company, and identifies the pages visited. In addition, through a data services partnership with ZoomInfo, VisitorTrack users get immediate access to the relevant key contacts at these companies, thereby completing the web visitor picture for today’s digital marketers.

To make it easier for marketers to incorporate anonymous visitor contacts into their marketing programs, netFactor has developed a VisitorTrack application that enables integration with hundreds of apps via the Zapier platform. Marketo users can leverage the VisitorTrack app to create zaps that will automate the process of loading saved anonymous visitor contacts from VisitorTrack into Marketo campaign databases. This automation eliminates the need to manually copy csv files from VisitorTrack and upload these contact records to Marketo. Utilizing the Zapier platform, VisitorTrack integration saves Marketo users time and reduces data errors when these marketers want to add anonymous web visitor contacts to their marketing programs.

Marketing automation platforms like Marketo are great for what they are designed to do. By adding VisitorTrack to their Marketo investment, digital marketing executives fill the inherent blind spot shared by every leading MAP. Gaining insights and identifying the invisible 95% enables Marketo users to get a more comprehensive view of their campaign results, add new contacts to their campaigns, and maximize the number of prospect opportunities for sales.

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